illuminesce glass art

フィアレッスハート | Fearless Heart


Imogen Heap(イモージェン・ヒープ)の歌詞のインスパイアされた親友の結婚式のために作品作りました。

Inspired by lyrics from an Imogen Heap song,
"Fearless heart / I'm gonna take care of you"
I made these pieces for my best friend's wedding. I think we all have fears around intimacy. What if I get hurt? What if I hurt someone? Does that make me a bad person? A "Fearless Heart" is an open heart, one that can receive both hurt and love, a raw heart.

On my friend's very special day, I wanted to convey the words, "I trust you to move forward even if you're afraid" with these works.

作成年 | Year Made

January~March of 2023

ワイルドハート | Wild Heart

浮かぶハート | Floating Heart

ローズハート | Rose Heart

おまけ | For fun